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The Lady in Red

I was thinking of something to wear for a date. Something that is elegant but also looks sexy at the same time. When I found this red bodycon dress, I immediately bought it!Bodycon dresses are nice to wear during dates. Just avoid the plunging neckline if you don’t want to send the wrong message as if you’re game for anything.

Unfortunately, when I bought this dress two months ago (imagine how long it took before I wore it?), I gained a bit of weight (the result of stress-eating).  Being unable to fit in a tight dress made me feel somewhat frustrated ‘coz I realized that I’m no longer in the early 20’s bracket and I had to watch my weight and start living healthy.

I’m the type of girl who’d rather sleep or watch tv than hit the gym or go jogging at the park. Just when I felt that I have to control the excessive eating, I forced myself to follow a strict diet routine and somehow… it’s starting to work! Somehow, it’s already made wonders for me in just 2 weeks!

Let me share to you my simple 3 point tips:
  1. Breakfast – fruits or something high in protein (half or ¼  serving of carbs like rice or bread)
  2. Lunch – The usual lunch routine you have, you may eat rice at your heart’s content
  3. Dinner – Food high in protein (strictly no carbohydrates – no rice!
Drink lot and lots of water!!

Looking forward for a leaner me on the next few weeks!

By the way --- Here's one sample of what I ate for dinner today! (I ate all of what's inside the can!)


1. My trusty iphone where i take random photos
2. Notebook for me to jot down random thoughts and to-do's
3. My aldo wallet!
4. Chariol perfume
5. The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Makeup Base in 01
6. Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation
7. Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC35
8. Mac Dazzleglass in Pink
9, K Palette(for eyebrows) in 01
10. Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick
11. The Body Shop Concealer stick
12. Oakley eyeglasses (yeah i have poor eyes!)
13 NYX lipsticks in Heredes, Tea Rose, and Pluto
14. Sleek Blush
15. Clinique Eyeshadow palette


1. Dress - Forever 21
2. Shoes - Aldo
3. Necklace - For Me
4. Snake Bangle - Wellmanson's Beadshop in Quiapo (Yes! i traversed the busy streets of Quiapo because they have very affordable jewelry! It's a supplier's haven!)

Tell me what you think!

The Office Girl Knows How to Party!

Office girls do transform at night. One living proof? That’s me! 
In my line of work where we’re required to wear uniforms and strict business getups for the whole week, loud and unconventional fashion statements aren’t much welcome… or else you’ll elicit unwarranted attention from superiors.

My daily grind starts early in the morning. Since my office is in Ortigas (which is far away from my home) I leave early so as not to avoid the heavy traffic especially from 8:00 – 10:00 in the morning. My whole day usually consists of different activities – from meetings, market research and planning, and events. Being in the marketing industry is very exciting and challenging, however… sometimes it can get very  draining as well. 

To office girls out there, I just have simple things to share with you on how I keep up with my daily activities without slacking off! Just keep in mind these things:

1.  Always be organized. Jot your to do list at the start of the day. Get a trusty notebook  for this and accomplish one task from the other.  Know your priorities.
2.       De-clutter your table when things get messed up in order to clear your mind of unnecessary things
3.       Drink multivitamins and invest in flu shots– “Bawal Magkasakit”!
4.       Start your day with  a prayer and offer everything to our creator
5.       Take a “breather” and indulge yourself to a delicious treat – it may be anything you love to eat or drink!
6.       Work hard and Party harder (haha!) or if not, for my case – work hard to buy all the fashion treats I like!


Photo Credits:

Photo 1 - My party attire after work
Photo 2 - Indulging myself to a delicious Turtle Cake at Savor
Photo 3 - Filtered and edited version of one of the outfit shots
Photo 4 - My office Building - The Rockwell Business Center!
Photo 5 - New Shoes on sale at Primadonna!

What I wore:
Party after Work!
1.       Peplum dress – Forever 21
2.       Shoes – Primadonna
3.       Gold cuff – Forever 21
4.       Black Clutch – Eighty and Ninety Shop (China)
5.       Necklace – What Women Wants
6.       Spike Bracelet – I candy

Street Fashion!

Today is definitely a treat for me! Why? Because I get to brave the busy streets of Divisoria and find lots of awesome stuff!  Well, if not for work I won’t go to this place but I just have to find a prop for an upcoming event, and Tabora street in Divisoria is the only place I could think of!
Just a short trivia for everyone – Tabora Street is a place in Divisoria where you could find costumes, masks (you know the glittered masquerade papier mache?), textile, Christmas and other home decors, native give-aways, event give-away items, and the like. Items here are price way beyond those in department stores. You’ll be surprised as well and tell yourself that it’s better to buy here than in boutiques because of the wide selection of items.

Divisoria is a bargain heaven where you could buy anything you could think of – as in literally anything! Well, now that Christmas is drawing near, taking the effort in going to Divisoria will save you lots of moolah! Your five hundred pesos will go the extra mile! 

Well after accomplishing my work agenda – of course I had to proceed to my next goal. One thing I’ve learned from fashion bloggers/gurus is to “accessorize”, especially if you’re just sporting a plain outfit. I was going through my accessory collection and realized that something’s missing – COLOR! I realized that I was sticking to the basics such as brown, silver, gold, and black. Boring right? So that’s my mission today! Find some accessories that screams out COLOR.

I found this  unique-wonderful (yes! Up to now I’m still in awe)  accessory shop in 168 mall where I hoarded lots of colorful (and quality) accessories that could not be found in other shops in the area. Take note: they have super affordable prices! It’s in the ground floor of 168 mall (Building B). It’s in the second pavement on the left side of the escalator.

So girls, to those who have the time to go to Divisoria and find awesome finds – I encourage you to! Nothing’s wrong with buying items here. You’ll be surprised that stuff here could be found in boutiques and is already priced higher.

Photo Credits:
Photo 1 and 2 - Taken from Greenbelt 3 while enjoying my fave Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime!
Photo 3 - a sole companion is a must in braving the streets of Divisoria
Photo 4 - Divisoria already starting it's Peak season
Photo 5 - This parking space is a very convenient innovation for 168 mall goers 
Photo 6 - My favorite arm party from Girl Shoppe!
Photo 7 - Wonderful christmas decors already in sight Greenbelt!
Photo 8 - My outfit for today's busy day!

What I Wore:

Shorts - Nava
Bag - Miumiu
Armparty - Girlshoppe
Sneakers - Hdy
Belt - Parfois
Top - Nava
Watch - Aldo

Fresh Loots!

Top - Friday Love; Vest - CBRL

The Noise Inside My Head


 It's a long weekend! This extra day is very much important to me since i have been a bit tired of this week's work activities - product launches here and there, field visits, market planning, etc. etc. I love my job though, and i thank God for this. The reason why i also love this extra day is that i get to sit down and work on my blog, and of course, capture new ideas from top bloggers out there.

Currently, i am obsessing on Cheyser Pedregosa's site - The Walking Recessionsita. I rave her style. Outside the line of my work where i wear corporate outfits every weekday --- donning on shorts and a tank top or any laid back clothing during weekdays is like a breath of fresh air for me.

Well, today... as i've said, i sat the whole day in front of my computer. However, being the shoe-lover that i am, there was a noise - rather a voice inside my head telling me to go out and buy the shoes ive been eyeing on for quite some time. But still, i listened to that voice.

1. I just use the wall of our living room to do this shoot
2. Bangle i got from Greenhills at only P250 ( I love tiangges)
3. Checking out my Shoppaholic bank - as of today it's already half full at Php 900 (I'm still thinking of what to buy. But i'm thinking of splurging it for Mia Casa or Mauve accessories
4. Loots i got from Primadonna - Yes they are on sale!!! Go check out their store.
5. Jotting down my ideas and to do's for next week. It pays to be organized
6. The cup of "diet" coffee i always drink every morning - and it's effective! 
7 and 8. Me! Succumbing to the noise inside my head!

What i'm wearing today:
Dress - American Eagle Outfitters
Bangle - Greenhills tiangge
Shoes - Hapifoxy
Belt - WWW
Watch - Parfois

Superb Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center (Oct 19-21)

One thing I love about the ber-months is the start of pre-christmas bazaars and sales! Yes, who wouldn't wan't bargain hunting right? My first taste of bazaar -shopping started this October 19-21, 2012: The Superb Bazaar at the World Trade Center, open at 10am til' 9pm.  An entrance fee of P100 per person is required if you're not in the guestlist. The Superb Bazaar is indeed a haven of local brands showcasing a plethora of  trendy shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and a lot more.

*By the way guys! next bazaar at the World trade Center: Noel Christmas Bazaar on November 16 to December 2, 2012

Brands i recall as i was going around are the following:

1. Soak Swimwear
2. Tutum Shop
3. S & H
4. Bedazzled
5. Gifts Ahoy
6. Digital Traincase
7. Mia Casa Accessories
8. Centropelle Shoes
9. Hapifoxy Footwear
10. HDY

You get a free shopping bag at the entrance! :)

Watch - Parfois

Sandals - Primadonna

Clutch - Ayla

For bazaar shopping, i opted to wear something very casual. Though i came in early at 10:30am where the crown is still at a minimum, i made sure that i slipped into something comfy - something that is perfect for wardrobe changes just in case i find something really nice.

Anyways, here are the items i bought. So excited to use 'em.

Here's a cute espadrille-sneaker i got from Hapifoxy. These shoes come in neon pink, orange, and yellow. Check out their FB page!

I also got this oxford at hdy! Would you believe that this only costs P200? That's why I love bazaars!


There are many nice items that you could find online. However, traversing into the realm of online retail/ merchandising is a big risk too. First, some online stores post items that looks good only in photos and second, there are online sellers that fail to send the purchased items. Well, as of the moment, those are the risks i could think of. Imagine yourself spending more for what you expected or worse -- receiving nothing at all.

At first i was so scared on purchasing items on line. Then i took the risk and also learned a few things:

1. Check out buyer reviews and other testimonials
2. Compare prices from other online shops ad gauge if it is better to buy in the malls or in actual stores
3. Check purchase procedures and be cautious when using credit cards.

I'm happy with what i bought from Lagrandeombreshoppe, and also came across a very accommodating seller. I am also happy to know that there are many very creative young entrepreneurs out there waiting to be discovered.

Happy online shopping guys!

Top - Zara Basic
Necklace - Fame Jewels, Ring and chain bracelet - Forever 21

etched shorts - Lagrande Ombre shoppe
By the way guys! I'm also recommending another online shoppe -- Vanillabreeze clothing for that ultra femme ombre or etched shorts without compromising the quality. These shorts are super customized based on your requirements.

Photocredits courtesy of Vanillabreeze clothing.

Simple Elegance

Seriously, i never thought i'd pull off wearing palazzo pants since i have very wide birthing hips. I'd never thought of buying one as well but my subconscious self just told me to buy it as the price tag screams 50% off. Yes, i am a sale addict and i'm not ashame of it. Like i said, i'm just the average Filipina with occasional whims that i'd feel so guilty if i don't spend my money wisely. I was not born rich. I was not born in a way that i get whatever i want by just asking for it. Fashion is just one of my hobbies.

My outfit today came from super affordable brands, pulled off in a way that it'd look like it was worn by a rich lady. You just need to have the patience in finding!

Top - Semplice; Palazzo pants - Tomato (Yes they have an online store!)

Chain bracelet - Forever 21; Convertible Watch - Aldo; Bag - Longchamp (authentic)

Necklace - SM accessories; Sandals - Primadonna

Wash out!

Wash-out. I vividly remember the term coined by one of the best bosses i had. So what does it mean?

When you're already burned out with work, you could take a "wash-out" and eliminate all the excess baggage you have when you're already "toxic" with work. It's really helpful actually, when you can't go on with the next task because your mind is just so mixed up.

And so i took a day off to wash-out. A wash-out to ease all our woes and cry everything out. Tough times.
But who says that you can't look good even if you're in a phase where you feel like your brain is going to pop out of your head?

Just a tip: Push yourself to a warm relaxing bath or scrub then dress afterwards in a dainty number with light colors and you'll feel like you'll bounce in the air. Here's what i wore! Just a simple dress and simple accessories!


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